The Journey till now

18 May 2008: David started developing old material and started to see his style coming through. He worked fulltime then. He had been a part of various bands and collaborations for several years earlier.

26 Jul 2009: As if music didn't get him high enough, David indulged his love for flight with his first flying lesson with ksenia.

2 Aug 2009: New Song - Diamonds Are Blue "Diamonds"

5 Aug 2009: First Live Performances

26 Aug 2009: David began playing his new material at various Hollywood locations including The Unknown theater, open mics and Memorial Day event.
David partnered with GMH Vocal Studio to interview and made connections with some of today's up and coming stars including Jasmine V, Lisa Origliasso, and Reeve Carney.

9 Oct 2009: David mixed the EP, Lines In My Hands, in two different studios. Terry Glenny Mixed Say It All and Castaway in his La Canada studio, and Holder Gerome mixed Stellar Phoenix in his Flashman Studio.

12 Oct 2009: David made contact with several people from Nashville and Memphis & took a trip to Nashville and saw the world famous Music Town USA. He also met with Scott and Christy Tremell, Charlene Quire, Nadine Loren and many others in Nashville. He got his first shows at the Blue Bird Cafe, the Listening Room, the Basement and Douglas Corner.

14 Oct 2009: New Song - I Remain The Same
Taking a look back David said:"I wrote this song without a guitar in my motel in Nashville. I was definitely affected by the music around me there in Tennessee, and by Dylan who I've always love. It was a challenge when I arrived home a week later to write the guitar arangement for the piece because I had to match what I had heard in my head. But it all came together and is now lovingly referred to as my 'Sad Bastard Song'."

14 Nov 2009: David joined Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, iLike, Squidoo and a myriad of online social networking sites to promote music and connect with fans.

24 Nov 2009: New Song - And You
Taking a look back David said:"Many times I find it's better if I write a song without getting into the producers chair where I start getting mixed up in a bunch of tracks. This song was one of those ones that really proved that too me. To me it wounded beautifully atmospheric and had a combination of both love and heartache that I really wanted to get write with the lyrics. Once that was in place producing was just adding icing on the cake.”

2 Dec 2009: David joined ASCAP after Reeve Carney introduced him to Brendan Okrent.

24 Dec 2009: New Song - All Over Town

7 Jan 2010: The first EP Lines In My Hand released.

18 Mar 2010: David took a trip to New York to meet some of his most viament supports and co-wrote "You'll Never Get A Cab On Mott St." with noted songwriter Philippa Catherine Crane.

22 Mar 2010: Fans from all over the world started showing support for David's music.

3 Apr 2010: New Song - Games We Play
Taking a look back David said:"Is it boasting to say that I feel like I'm lucky to have written this song? But that's honestly how I feel. I was sitting on the couch that afternoon and thought I'd just mess around on the guitar. Next thing you know this beautiful little melody comes out and the first lyrics that popped into my head where 'Games We Play'. Of all the licks I've written it's a favorite for sure."

30 May 2010: David began auditioning additional members for the event at Universal Studios.

22 Jun 2010: David Performed on the late-night style show "Live Taping with David Valdez" at Universal Studios.

25 Jul 2010: Thanks to Harry Zinn, David got to go backstage with Blue Oyster Cult and Foghat for an amazing performance.

18 Aug 2010: After submitting his music for review David's song Say It All scored in the top 5% of songs reviewed from Fontana Music's SoundOut.

24 Aug 2010: New Jersey based underground radio, RockNation, posted a rave review of the EP Lines In My Hands.

26 Oct 2010: Moheak Radio show hosted by Sara "Smitten" Alexia played new EP, Lines In My Hands, on her new weekly show which was the first radio play David got.

2 Nov 2010: David met Stewart Copeland and heard first-hand stories from one of his most inspiring groups.

20 Nov 2010: David started performing new material for the next album in clubs and open mic venues throughout Los Angeles including CafĂ© Muse and Viva Fresh.

1 Dec 2010: New Song - Remembering How To Smile
Taking a look back David said:"I came up with this beautiful piece on the guitar which, at least to my ear, seemed hauntingly beautiful. I almost felt like I would ruin the melody by trying to add lyrics to the song. But the more I played the song the more it brought floods of memories to me and those images were the lyrics that I ultimately chose to write."

7 Dec 2010: David began planning production for his 1st Music Video

16 Dec 2010: David met Alice In Chains lead guitarist Jerry Cantrell who is one of his lifelong idols.

10 Jan 2011: Award winning artist Judeth Davis created an amazing sketch from one of the promo covers of the EP, 'Lines In My Hands', for David's new merchandise.

17 Jan 2011: David's music began to get a steep increase in the ReverbNation charts passing up several well known Los Angeles groups as fans from all over the worlds start pushing his EP, Lines In My Hands.

28 Jan 2011: David's first official website went up.

22 Apr 2011: David released a sneak peak acoustic performance video of 'Remembering How To Smile' a song from his upcoming album!

7 Apr 2011: First Radio Interview on the "IN" Show!! David spent an entertaining hour chatting with Gus Summers about his about his musical influences and his creative process. He played a few acoustic versions of songs from the new album. Gus also played songs from David's EP 'Lines in my Hands'. The interview was videotaped so go check it out!

1 May 2011: David played in a benefit concert to raise money for the Music For a Cure Foundation along side other local artists.

Help Us Get DavidGeftakys on VH1s "You Oughta Know"

Hey,everyone!! So,I assume you all know that David's single #GamesWePlay is out & In order that more people should be able to hear & get to know the amazing talent that David is My friend Savvy @SavvyJFrancis & @msgleefuljonas has made a twitition to help to get it on VH1. So,Join in & sign this! To sign it Click here.
And after you've done that get everyone you know to sign it too! & If you havent already, Dont forget to check out his music video on youtube as well as on the official site & Buy it off itunes if you loved it.

Thank you!

Nix:) xx

Only One hour to Go!!

Well,the moment we've all been waiting for is finally here! Games We Play is finally releasing in an hour!! You can check it out at the official david geftakys page right here! Show David some love & check back here later & tell us how much you liked it!
Are you Readyy??

Single Art Work Released

Here it is at long last. David launched his on line treasure hunt today and sent us all searching for the new art work for his single 'Games We Play'.

The cover depicts behind the scenes shots from the upcoming video and gives us another glimpse of what we can expect on Wednesday when the long awaited single is released!

Here's another shot from the video shoot this weekend. David was hard at work recording his first video for his new song 'Games We Play'.
This shot may look familiar....any 'Grease' fans out there???
The shoot took almost 3 days to complete and was exhausting but plenty of fun was had by all.
We hope to see the results of the weekend soon and there have been hints that there is some behind the scenes footage...stay tuned for updates!

Heyy Everyone! =]

So,I just wanted to say that i'll be posting all the things David's been upto till now. Enjoy & thank you for visting us!! :) xx

David's First day at the music video shoot!

David had a great first day shooting a music video for the coming album! Are you excited to see the video?

Here is a photo he posted from the shoot. Its the courtyard of LACMA. As he told me as soon as the lights go on its so pretty. :)

We are on the offical david geftakys page!!

Hello landlubbers!! I am so happy to say that David has put us on the official website right here!! I would scream & dance & jump around but professional etiquette requires me to refrain from any such display of happiness publicly. But,i totally did all those things privately so you can guess i was that happy. Anyway, moving on from me, this goes to show how nice & down to earth david is & the fact he appreciates each one of us fans. He duly replies to each & everyone & that is truly awesome of him. Believe me his music is as if not more incredible as he is. So, give him a listen & I promise you'll love him! :)

Have a great day today!
Love, Nix (: xx

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Sneak peek!

Here's a sneak peek of a song called Remembering How To Smile from the new album expected to release soon. I think it's a beautiful song. Infact, this is one of my favouritest songs so far. This song will definitely make you smile! :) Leave us a comment below & tell us what you think!